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Plotting the Future

by Kate Seaton

Plotting the Future
Current Release

If it was asked of you to fix the world's economic problems, and you were given the power to do so, where would you start? If I then asked you to stop and seriously give it more than ten minutes thought, what would you change, and how would you do it? Every second of every day costs us millions of dollars without us doing anything because every government is in debt. How would the dynamic of the world be different if there were no debts and those funds could be freed up to enhance the lives of everyone on the planet? What if I said that we can stop the rampant explosion of capitalism and take control of it, and in fact, we can grind the whole thing to a halt. In twenty years we could have restructured the course of history for thousands of generations to come, if we started right now.
Why aren't we? Just because it's difficult doesn't mean it's impossible. What is the hurry when humanity may have millions of years left, and we act like there's no tomorrow?





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