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Power of Nature

by Elizabeth McCarthy

Power of Nature
Featured Release

Artists collection of paintings.
Those viewing the works of Elizabeth McCarthy (née Jess) for the first time are about to enter the world of a new reality and embark on a journey, one that may feel in part familiar but is in fact a new and novel world. A place observed through her eyes, a place of brutal honesty and haunting beauty, a place where the drawing is paramount.
The works in this collection in this publication are a microcosm of a lifetime's journey. There is no sliding across the surface: it would be easy to be fooled by apparent lack of detail, look below the charcoal and discover the real character lurking in the shadows. There is no place for the delicacies of an eyelash or the formal mechanics of a structure when the intent is an intense pursuit of inner strength and being. There is romance but the works are not romantic, they exhibit great sensibility and a directness that is breathtaking in its simplicity, they are a personal voyage of discovery that we are invited to join.




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