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Raging Hormones

Masao Usui

Raging Hormones
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Beauty, wealth and the right sense of occasion have long been considered as the building blocks of love and relationships. But you inherited only half of David Hasselhoff's good looks; making up the other half from conjoined Tasmanian bloodhounds. The only valuable you own (after factoring in your mortgage) is a silver pin that once prevented your diapers from falling apart , and the only time you have Lady Luck smiling at you is when you beat a kid in a game of Snakes & Ladders?
Are you worthy of loving?
Do not be daunted! Appointments with plastic surgeons, betting your life savings on the lottery and hunting for four-leaf clovers may not be the wisest things to do. REINVENT YOURSELF! No matter how depressing your love life may be, Masao's Cupid's Untold Secrets has the answer to all your dating and relating dilemmas.
Refreshingly realistic, blunt and funny, this book is packed with witty views on everything from making oneself irresistible to the opposite sex and crushing pesky dating rivals, to sweeping hot dates off their feet and starting fireworks in a blossoming relationship. There are gems of wisdom on how to break the ice with strangers with 100% success, as well as how to get invited on dates, and how to breeze through the paranoia of that first date. Forget about shooting yourself in the foot: you will learn how to chart your dating progress. Are you heading for a match made in Heaven, or flying into a mountain?
You will never go down in flames again?