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Rain Dog

Sybil Rowlands

Rain Dog
Featured Release
Children's Illustrated Fiction

Hero is a black puppy of uncertain breed, the runt of a litter born in a severe storm. He was frightened of almost everything from the time he was little. Although at first not keen to do so, Ned's parents allow him to keep the little puppy as his special pet. Ned names his new pet Hero in the hope that he will live up to his name but to no avail.
Hero runs away in a storm and meets some homeless men who rename him as he has lost his collar. Hero especially befriends one of the men. Hero's owners did not give up looking for him and finally did so in a surprising way. Hero's plight leads the homeless man to reassess his own life.
Ned's love for Hero is demonstrated in an unexpected way when he makes a momentous decision regarding the future of his beloved pet.