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Real and Reel

Brian McFarlane

Real and Reel
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Real and Reel is a light-hearted, ironic account of a lifetime's addiction. It is one person's story, but it may strike familiar sparks among many others. Though there have been plenty of other interests to keep life lively, nothing else has exerted such a long-standing grip on the author's imagination as film. From a little before ten years of age, he became addicted to stories told on the screen and the mere fact that he had difficulty in getting to see  the films he wanted  - or any for that matter - only made them seem more alluring. But it wasn't just seeing the films that mattered; he also wanted, and quite soon needed, to be writing about them and these obsessions have been part of his life for the next sixty-odd years.




Book Reviews for Real and Reel

Highly Entertaining
Geoffrey Rush, star of stage and screen.
It is easy to tell that this book has been a labour of love.
Judi Dench, DBE, star of British stage and screen.
authentic sleeper
Charles Barr, critic, author of Ealing Studios and English Hitchcock.
Reel and Real
review from Senses of Cinema, rather classy online film journal.