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Recovery; Towards a New Future

by Peter J. Dwyer

Recovery; Towards a New Future
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“Ours is proving to be one of those decisive periods of history in which a fundamental transformation of the human prospect is taking place”. In this book Peter Dwyer draws on expert studies to show how current economic, social and political concerns have directly affected the day-to-day lives of ordinary people. With the benefit of hindsight, we can now see that the recent global crisis, which caught most people by surprise, marked a key moment in history.  In non-technical language, the book analyses the elements of crisis in light of the hopes and fears people express in the lives they lead, the choices they make, and the expectations they hold about their own ? or their children's ? future prospects. The fears are examined in a realistic way and the hopes are seen as a source of genuine inspiration, which opens up a new perspective on the future of society. “ We have not only survived, but can now look back with considerable pride on all that our species has achieved and created. That spirit of achievement and creative purpose remains with us. We can give effect to our hopes ? what inspires us at this point in history is most likely to decide our future”.




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