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Red Soul Green Soul

Thoraiya Bousaleh

Red Soul Green Soul
Galley Release

Hunted in a world where she is accountable for her crimes in a former life, Faith has an advantage over her fellow "Risks" - she cannot be seen. Her past transgressions are unknown to her, yet inscribed on her very soul.
Sent to infiltrate a prison as part of a bargain struck with the unscrupulous Colonel Viddell, she finds herself in the Upheaval Zone, an island formed by the earthquake storm that destroyed the Middle East. The Zone, once the cradle of civilisation, brings visions of a Phoenician princess seeking to wrest her city from the grip of Assyrian tyranny. Through the bitter eyes of an orphaned
horsemaster, Faith may finally learn her soul's terrible secret.



Book Reviews for Red Soul Green Soul

A very competent first novel and a good read.
Donna Maree Hanson,Aust Speculative Fiction
A Very Imaginative Work
Wendy O'Hanlon, APN Newspapers