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Rig Pigs

by Tony May

Rig Pigs
Previously Published Book
Fact-based Fiction

Life on the oil rigs is tough. Aside from the constant danger of explosions, accidents and sub-standard safety procedures, there are the other workers to contend with. You meet a lot of weird characters out there on the rigs; all are memorable, and many have a heart of gold underneath their mean exteriors. 'Rig Pigs', the rough and tumble men who work the oilfields in the middle of the ocean, are often as dangerous and difficult as the work they do. But man, do they know how to raise hell! When they are let loose in cities all over the world when their rig time is done, it's the booze, women and bars that keep them going until their next 'tour of duty'.
But in the seventies, there is another tour of duty for many, and it's taking place in Vietnam. While one man travels the world, partying with his oil rig cohorts and living the high life, he is thinking of his brother, Terry, fighting the war in Vietnam. One day he receives the news that will change their lives, and their relationship - Terry is coming home to face an even bigger battle - and he needs his brother by his side.




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