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River Dance

by June Cookson

River Dance
Previously Published Book

What had driven teenage grape-picker Sasha Cantrelle to commit suicide? Or was it murder? Only six days remain before B&S Ball revellers and grape-pickers depart the outback river town of Kickabutt. With limited time undercover elite squad detectives (and mates) Matt Sanderson and Adam Stone pit their wits against local prejudices, suspicions and perceptions to determine the cause of death. Among others, persons of interest are: Kaileb, the busker-picker and cameleer; Bart Royston, aging ex-boxer and hotelier; ditzy picker Vincent Gall; and lonely itinerant Stella Dillon. The arrival of highly attractive and mysterious Jillian distracts Stone causing tension between the two detectives, which threatens to undermine the operation. Pushed to their limits, Sanderson and Stone reconnect and stumble on an evil web of twisted passions, deception and terror. Combining their special skills the two track down their main suspect and undertake an audacious plan to apprehend a highly dangerous thug.




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