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Road to Nitmiluk

Martin Kari

Road to Nitmiluk
Galley Release

Nitmiluk, a National Park in the Northern Territory, is on an Australian road leading through Southern Queensland, the Outback, the Northern Territory, the Red Centre, the Top End, North Queensland Tablelands and back to the beginning in South East Queensland - 14 000 kilometres by car closed this tour-circle.
As new Australian citizens, the author, Martin Kari, and his wife Arja went on this journey to Nitmiluk in order to deepen their knowledge of their new homeland. With the experience of journeys in other parts of the world, they found this journey special and unique: moving from a pulsing city-life on the east coast into the dead silence of the Outback.
Its dry image hides Australia's special fauna and flora. However there are many unexpected paradise-oases along with great distances, rich colours, grasslands, bush, rainforests, flat country, vast mountainous areas, rich farming land, semi-deserts, creeks, rivers, endless coastlines and beaches harbouring a magnificent marine life. And not least of all, there are the people of Australia.
Landscapes from around the world can be found right here in Australia and therefore it is no surprise to also find people from all parts of the world calling Australia home.