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Rockefeller and the Demise of Ibu Pertiwi

by Kerry B. Collison

Rockefeller and the Demise of Ibu Pertiwi
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Historical Fiction

In 1961, and one month following the disappearance of Michael C. Rockefeller off the southern coast of what was then known as Dutch Western New Guinea, Indonesia invaded and annexed the territory and commenced the systematic slaughter of indigenous Papuans, to pave the way for a massive wave of transmigrated Javanese.
With the meteoric rise of the new powerhouses, China and India, Indonesian-occupied West Papua's wealth of oil, gas and minerals precipitates an international power-play for control over the vast natural resources.
Decades have passed since the twenty-three year old Rockefeller disappeared — long presumed dead, when sightings of the heir are widely reported.
Demands for West Papuan independence gain momentum and Australia is again drawn into military conflict with the Indonesian Motherland, Ibu Pertiwi.




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