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Roman Zenith

Karl Franz

Roman Zenith
Previously Published Book

As a self-conscious, proud and democratic Rome defeated, subjugated, dominated and taxed, could she herself guard against foreign Gods? cunning, drugs, computers and prophecies? Rome became the world's sole superpower, but wealth-threatened Patricians? privileges were gnawed at by success and Plebeians? aspiration.
The poet-friends Catullus, Cinna and Calvus participated and observed.
A wealthy Patrician celebrated his life's zenith, while his whimsical, difficult-to-control wife wanted it her way, and his stud-master, loyal to his vanquished King's God, caused him to think.
A Punic would-be entrepreneur, inspired by the God of Hawkers and Thieves, desired to become rich, though his three old Egyptian slaves, human flotsam, had different beliefs.
A confident demagogue, hampered by his glamour-sister, sought to rule, but his personal attendant, proud of a rebel-gladiator father, had other aims.
Their lives intersect in kaleidoscopic, dramatic and, sometimes, hilarious and saucy ways.
Considering personalities, like Caesar and Cicero, and the actions history recorded at that time, maybe Roman Zenith is a truer history than the history you thought to be true.