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Romancing My Fantasies

Teri Galea-Thorne

Romancing My Fantasies

When life serves you nothing but lemons, you have a choice: hit the tequila with a dash of salt or make lemonade and sparkle.
Not that it is always that simple. As the author of Romancing My Fantasies learns early in life, bullying and harassment have a way of ripping out the humanity in you.
Which raises the question: do you respond with a similar volley of torment, or stand your ground and maintain your integrity?
Teri Galea-Thorne goes looking for the answers in this rollicking no-holds-barred, warts ?n' all trip down a memory lane that ranges high and low through the gamut of emotions.
This often raw account tells of her suffering at the hands of practically everyone she meets - and shows how it has shaped her into the woman she has become. For anyone who seeks to know and understand the woman behind the author, this is the book to read.
So many lovers remembered - and forgotten. Schoolday relationships - the bitter and bad, the good and joyful. The often fragile family ties and the workplace dramas.
How many such experiences do we recall - and with fondness, bitterness or regrets? Do we think of them always, often or never?
Romancing My Fantasies is a ripping yarn, an enchanting and reflective story laced with an undercurrent of humour. A thoughtful story for anyone who has loved and lost, and survived to tell the tale.
One for the romantics in us all.