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Rusty & Friends

Mike Jones

Rusty & Friends
Galley Release

Rusty & Friends is a book for all ages, but perhaps best read in those years when the reader is more responsive to the simple joys of life. It is set in a more innocent Britain of yesteryear, before the time of video games and cable television. It is a time when doctors and vets made house calls and horses were ridden daily.
As Rusty the horse?s relationship with his owner, Betty, her family and even his animal friends matures, so does everybody?s reliance on each other and mutual respect. Misadventures occur regularly, but good old animal common sense always wins out.
Most of the action takes place in the beautiful environs of the south of England, though with journeys to North Wales, Canada, Gibraltar, Scotland and China.
Let Rusty take you for a comfortable ride from Upton to Porchester and beyond. Enjoy the gentle kindness and humour of each of Rusty?s escapades.