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Scorpio's Lot

by Ray Smithies

Scorpio's Lot
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Following the murder of a young, well-liked man in the small, peaceful community of Pedley, Tom Harrison's world is plunged into turmoil. Determined to protect his niece Brigit from Scorpio, a notorious drug syndicate, he engages in numerous ploys to deter the villains from their unrelenting pursuit. His persistence and evasive actions draw the underworld into a rapidly escalating string of deadly games.
Tom takes the initiative in finding a sanctuary for Brigit, believing that the authorities will not be able to protect her. Tom and Brigit become hunted and harassed, and have to use all their ingenuity to stay ahead of the aggressive syndicate.
Following a spate of murders and the eventual kidnapping of his young niece, Tom enlists the help of the colourful and often humorous Hamish O?Connor and Arthur Simpson. Amidst mounting pressure and an escalation of violence, the trio risks all to bring down the underworld. It quickly becomes apparent that the syndicate's headquarters are concealed within the town itself, but to gain entry into enemy territory they must unravel a series of arcane and perplexing clues. As the drug underworld erupts in violent rivalry Tom himself comes under suspicion. Scorpio's Lot, a combination of raw emotion, humour and the unexpected, is a fast-paced story of gangland reprisals and the ways in which these vendettas affect the lives of innocent people. It is an unforgettable adventure, told against the backdrop of the alluring countryside of southern Gippsland in Victoria, Australia.




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