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Scream No Evil

Patricia Mesiti

Scream No Evil
Previously Published Book
British & Australian Fiction

Don’t move … don’t even breathe…’
I can hear him. I can smell him.
He’s right there, in the darkness, beside the bed.
He’s come for me. He’s come to feast.
Twelve year old Lizzy fights to survive a horror-filled existence, with a psychopathic elder brother, Jason. Every notion of self is shattered by the constant abuse and beatings that Lizzy endures on almost a daily basis. Lizzy struggles to survive each day, channelling her hatred and anger toward the image that stares at her, timid and alone, from the other side of the mirror.
Her battle to make sense of her world becomes more and more difficult, with the only true friends she knows, being lost. With such horror to deal with and at the difficult time of entering high school, how could she ever cope?
Finally, Lizzy reaches the only conclusion she can foresee. ‘It will end, I will make sure of it’, she promises as she begins her journey toward her final escape.
After Lizzy’s death Meagan, Lizzy’s sister, fights to deal with the loss of her beloved sister. She witnesses her family, who were once so lively and happy, become wretched and grief-stricken.
The pain is almost too much to bear, when her grief is unexpectedly worsened by the horrifying attacks that are suddenly directed toward her. Frightened and alone in the room, which she had shared with Lizzy all her life, Meagan fights to defend herself against true evil.