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Seventh Time Lucky

by Harry Giesen

Seventh Time Lucky
Previously Published Book

A man stepped out from behind a rock. He looked decidedly friendly and identified himself without having to say a word – the Partisans’ red star on his cap said it all. “Jesus Christ!” I blurted out. “We’ve made it!”
Harry Giesen’s WW II memoir is a compelling, colourful and lively account of his many escapes, captures and on-leave escapades in Europe between 1940 and 1945. His thoroughly engaging story involves universal themes of love, mateship, larrikinism and endurance while at the same time highlighting the futility and misery of war. From the moment he enlists in the 2nd AIF at the age of 19, to his sad and highly emotionally-charged homecoming to Sydney, Harry commands his readers accompany him on this intensely personal journey. This wonderfully written tale, told with candour, sincerity and humour, is a must-have — not just for war-story readers — but for lovers of action, adventure and romance.





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