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Sh!t Yourself

Diane Haines

Sh!t Yourself
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Fear - the Good and Bad

Fear comes in many different forms. It is scary to do things that will make you change. Our mind doesn't like to change as it's happy to stay the same. However, there is a part of you that wants more, a burning desire that dreams of being and doing something else. You visualise it, you imagine it, you dream about it, but you are scared of what it will take and deep down you are scared of actually achieving it. Anything is possible and each and every one of us has the power within to achieve anything in life. The only difference between someone who has achieved and someone who has not, is that those who did not achieve also did not feel okay about s@!+ing themselves or doing what was needed to conquer fear and come out on the other side.
I have written this book in the hope that something inside you will trigger to go to the next level. Find what scares you. What opportunities are you knocking back purely because you don't believe you are capable or deserve them? I am here to say you definitely are capable and deserving, just get out of your comfort zone. We experience fear because the subconscious mind wants to keep us physically and emotionally safe. More on the subconscious in the next book. This book will examine what fear looks like.
How does fear present itself in our lives? It shows up through anxiety. Anxiety is one of the biggest stress factors in our lives. Anxiety comes from not knowing the future. We are uncertain about what the future holds, and we all tend to think of the worst-case scenario and then we wonder why it shows up repeatedly. Fear comes from change, things happening that shift our lives from what we know and are comfortable with, to taking us out of our comfort zone. Fear of failure, of not being good enough, comes from previous programming. By ?previous programming' I mean your past experiences in this life and previous lives that prompt you to act with too much caution.
One example is fear of expressing yourself because of what people ?might think' due to a previous embarrassment or the need to be accepted. This holds you back because it is more important for you to look good than it is to be different and stand out. Fear causes people to hesitate instead of acting, which delays progress. It is so much easier to be lazy, not to take action and then make excuses to justify why you didn't follow through.
The chapters of this book will look closely at five factors of fear in much more detail, and I hope by reading it that you will be able to find some comfort in where you are right now and some hope for where you will be.