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She Couldn't Say Goodbye

by Peter Russell and Sharon McKell

She Couldn't Say Goodbye
Previously Published Book

Emma was your normal kid - a kid full of energy who loved to hang out with her friends.
Her passion was dancing and singing and her teenage world was innocent and exciting.This is the true story that will break any parent's heart. We follow Emma through her childhood and adolescence and we laugh and cry with her and share the promise of her bright future.
Then we come face to face with the horrors of drugs - the anguish at the discovery that she was a drug user, the torment of dependence, the recklessness of addiction, the difficulty of rehabilitation and the relentless seduction that would cause her to finally relapse into a world of depravity.
Through it all however beat the heart of the child; the girl who saw only good in everyone and everything; a girl who would easily share her heart but in doing that, pay the ultimate penalty.
This is the story about making decisions. About making choices. The choice you make today about drugs will be the consequence that you have to face tomorrow.





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