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Sighting of a Dolphin

Rosslyn Thomas

Sighting of a Dolphin
Previously Published Book

Matthew's mother disappears one night, but leaves behind Fluke, a plastic dolphin, who becomes Matthew's constant companion. Fluke is a life-saving rope, in the middle of an ocean of family turbulence, who cops the blame for Matthew's breaches of behaviour.
Ten years later, on the far south coast of New South Wales, a scarred dolphin swirls towards thirteen year old Matthew after a shark attack. Is it Jo Jo, the performing dolphin Matthew's mother connected with as a child, who washed out of the Snapper Rocks Sea Baths in 1960?   Saving dolphins becomes Matthew's passion, but he also has eyes for ace surfer, Dawn. When she wants Fluke, revelations follow, including her boyfriend's interests to repel dolphins in the area. Fear for their safety spurs Matthew to action.   Is Jo Jo attracted to Fluke, his mother's memory or Matthew? Can Matthew and Fluke find Jo Jo again and solve the mystery of his mother's disappearance? Or will Matthew's mean  stepmother Geraldine have the last laugh?