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Slick Sisters Motorcycle Club

Michael Joseph Stanton

Slick Sisters Motorcycle Club
Previously Published Book

During the year of Our Lord, 1484, Pope Innocent VIII issued a Papal Bull declaring 'that members of both sexes do not avoid to have sexual intercourse with evil angels, incubi and succubi.
To justify the bull, the Pope had a couple of intellectual peers formalise the decree in book form, and in 1487 the Malleus maleficarum was published. English translation: 'Hammer of witches'.
Known at the time as the most terrifying document ever written; the treatise, though pretty much excluding men from the crime of witchcraft, went into great detail into how to identify witches and what to do with them when found. Some estimates put the number of women and girls shaved, tortured and slaughtered during the subsequent witchcraft hysteria at 9 million.

Well, the Pope erred when he shaved and slaughtered Rachel Parker. Six hundred years later she's back, she's mad and she's contracted to make right the wrongs of evil men. And her new friends Lori Sanderson and the Slick Sisters Motorcycle Club are going to help, whether they want to or not.-