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So Far & So Good

Denis Charles Petmezaki

So Far & So Good
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Denis was born on the flat roof of a house in Omdurman in 1931. He and his elder sister Daphne enjoyed happy times there until they were sent to England for their education.
Having been abandoned there, Denis and his sister battled against the odds sans parents, who remained in North Africa whilst WWII bombs fell on the UK. Denis left school at fourteen to escape a home which by now afforded him little affection.
Returning to Africa, Denis marries his Fay and fights in the Rhodesian Bush War. Through his sensitive descriptions, one can revel in the wonder and addiction that is Africa.
Robert Mugabe took power, inducing Denis to make the searingly painful decision to emigrate to Europe with his wife and four girls. There they started over resurrecting their home and business lives with great fortitude for many years before taking a further plunge by all moving to Australia.
Denis remains humble and honest to the end.
This book of zest is fire in the belly stuff for anyone who has had to overcome obstacles in life. For those who need to turn disaster into some form of good or benefit, this man of courage will be a true inspiration.