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Soul Timeless of All Reveals

by Ostaria H. Selir

Soul Timeless of All Reveals
Previously Published Book

An Outstanding Achievement. The forty-two prints of Ostaria Selir's oil paintings and their accompanying texts depict the origin of the universe, the stars and their Gods, the planet's, their inhabitants, and Earth's evolution and place in the universe. Some of the greatest art I have ever seen.
The oil paintings that are reproduced in this book, quite apart from the story they tell, are an important event in the world of art. They are masterpieces of cosmic drama and brilliant representations of the other worlds unknown. Brilliant works of art that leap from the page. Author Biography: Ostaria has an unknown quality and this is in her advanced receiving technique, which is blessed, and the secret is her eyes. Her eyes have a rare reflecting double vision, which involves her thermal connected stable, solid positive higher single dimension body, her rare reflecting of herself, her dimension eyes. This is an unknown inherited and developed corresponding bonding function and will remain with her. To understand the secret of her eyes in the difficult work in her books in her art and writing order expression, her different art work is reflecting controlled and measured given work. Her writing where every word is in a special order given to her, with the quality of the movements and guidance of her eyes with the double, the reflecting dimension eyes presentation to receive. To understand the bonding function and nothing not one word in this book is with the interference from her own thoughts, her own words. So also is done all her series of subjects in her charts. Which has been a slow passionate work a scientifically outstanding steady and slow study, a controlled and measured receiving fulfilled system. Blessed are the words of people teaching, we have heard, has been a light of knowledge with wisdom known brightness, there is no judgment.





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