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Sunrise in the West

by Glen Natalier

Sunrise in the West
Featured Release
Historical Fiction

World War II is ending. The enemy is advancing. In the far north-eastern reaches of the Empire, the German citizens are terrified. The victorious Russian army is determined to sweep the area clean of German settlement and reports of atrocities are reaching the farmers of the village of Rucken in the Memelland. Franz, Helena and their two teen-age daughters must flee before the arrival of the Russians. Leaving everything except what could be packed onto their farm wagon they travel west to escape death. Now they must struggle along overcrowded roads, evade falling artillery shells and the strafing of screaming fighter planes, bear biting hunger and suffer the freezing winter in an attempt to stay ahead of destruction. Amidst this terror and death they find that there are those who have not lost their humanity and are happy to help them in their struggle towards safety. But will this alone suffice? This story is based on the experiences of an actual family who hopes to see the dawn of a new day in areas conquered by more humane victors.





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