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TRAUMA FREE - Five Steps to Freedom

Helen Elizabeth Johnson

TRAUMA FREE - Five Steps to Freedom
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Helen has healed herself of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, taught successfully and shared with clients and community groups of all ages. This is a personal story of finding health after years of suffering PTSD.
"No one is immune! Shock and trauma do not discriminate; anyone can be affected." The nervous system is the body's engine.
Your mind, however, is the driver.
Millions of people worldwide are affected by varying levels of PTSD. There are many situations which traumatise people: Car Accidents Wars Earthquakes Fires Domestic Violence Robberies Abuse The bodies nervous system is shocked first, and trauma follows. The longer the emotional feelings internalised at the moment of shock are left untreated the more affected a person's life may be: Depression, Exhaustion, Behaviour Changes, Phobias, Mood Swings, Powerlessness, Fear, Terror, Loneliness, Abandonment, Hate, and Anger.
Ask yourself - Do you have a picture of an incident/accident in your mind's eye that you are unable to let go of? Using 'Trauma Therapy' to release the 'emotional feeling word' (e.g. anger) attached to the 'picture' will lessen the effect of both shock and trauma.
Trauma Free explains how to recognise, diagnose and treat shock and trauma. Included is an easy to follow exercise which helps release the original shock.