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The Air Between

B.K. McDonald

The Air Between
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

"Go away. Even if it's only for a few days, get away." While standing in an inner-city nightclub, 30-something Melbourne architect Tom Kent thought he had finally found 'the one?, the girl his parents promised him he?d meet when they?d claim ' there really is a girl out there, somewhere, just for you. There was no denying it was a clumsy first meeting. And then later, the re-appearance of her ex-boyfriend; but Tom fought for Sally, the first time he truly wanted to fight for anything.
So years later, Tom has it all. A beautiful wife, a nice house, and the icing on the cake, a new baby girl. He knows very well he shouldn't tempt fate but he can't stop telling himself how perfect life is. Until.
Is turning his back on all that is familiar, all that is safe, now the only sane option for Tom, just so he can go on living, even if it is just with himself?