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The Apostles: A Personal Biography

by Shontara

The Apostles: A Personal Biography
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This is a snapshot biography of the Twelve and others, who wish to speak of their personal life as opposed to their religious affiliations with the man Jesus. The main purpose of this book is to take them off the unrealistic pedestal we have created and bring them back down to Earth. This is their desire. They were just men, they weren’t super human. The Apostles therefore extend to you a personal invitation to walk with them through the door which they have opened, so you may take a peek at their true selves that incorporate their joys, their loves, their fears, their doubts, their achievements, their regrets and their deaths. The Bible avoids these intimate details.They also invite their readers to use their intuition to decide what has been written is fact, or fiction. They express in a very clear and concise way their knowledge and wisdom learnt then and since, which when used in a practical way can create a better future for all mankind. But this book is not just about the past. It is a book of prophecy describing in detail what it could be like if we choose to travel in the right direction.




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