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The Arms of Compassion Hold the Truth

Sue Osborne

The Arms of Compassion Hold the Truth
Previously Published Book

The arms of compassion hold the truth is a compelling book about how man-kind has disconnected from the spirit of Nature's matter and all she has to teach us. Its journey through our heart mind is to have spirit connect us to the wisdom and love of her compassionate nature. Here in the core heart centre of all that is natural, we experience the oneness of Nature's soul body mind.
What makes this book so compelling is that if we were to engage in the spirit of compassion's simple ways, we would naturally move away from the destructive forces of modernism to live a life deemed by Nature's Universal Law which is destined to change our lives completely as Nature begins the realignment of man-kind to the wholesomeness of her ways.
How this has been deemed so and how we can realign with Nature to halt the breakdown of her ecologies has been elaborated upon here as a natural science.