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The Berggeist Letters

Jeff Lynch

The Berggeist Letters
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This book is written in the form of a series of letters to a six-year-old grandson named Angus. The sensitive tales are of travel, art, love and war and a more existential grasping for meaning. He is attempting to explain and ageing man's later days to a young boy. Angus is indeed a real boy and truly the author's grandson, but these letters are not designed for him to read. At least not for a while, for he is too young.
The author takes us to Berlin at first, where he rents a small apartment near the Tiergarten. He tells the boy that he is looking for a Berggeist. He then travels throughout Southern Germany, looking for personal artistic answers, be they modern or old masters.
He visits Bavaria, Thuringia, and the Austrian Alps near to Hitler's old mountain redoubt. He also makes brief visits to both Vienna and Salzburg where he is impressed by the famous marionette theatre. He goes to many cities that were once a part of the Republic of Eastern Germany. Weimar, Liepzig and Brandenburg are only some of them. Then he departs for Norway and the Scottish Isles, still seeking his ghosts all the while.
Perhaps he does meet a Berggeist in a forest. Or is the Berggeist really himself? But then, reader, you must judge that for yourself.