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The Blood Forest

Kevin McGrath

The Blood Forest
Previously Published Book

Errol Davis is both cunning and vicious.
When he walks, he crouches like a wild dog.
He is also supremely patient, prepared to wait long hours to prey upon the young women he encounters hitchhiking, bushwalking and camping. Davis lives in wild mountain country and knows its gorges, chasms and hidden valleys intimately. What better place to hide the bodies of his victims? They might lie forever undiscovered. Donna Trattner is an executive producer for a Sydney Production company named EPSILON. She has a strong reputation as producer of crime programs. Not surprisingly, she takes an interest in the rumours of a serial killer at large in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. So intense is her interest, she determines to track the murderer down. In a frightening encounter she meets Errol Davis face to face.