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The Breeze


The Breeze
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On the surface, the author was living a carefree life when along came several life challenges that would transform her entire way of life. In the beginning, the changes were soul-destroying, but as someone along the way would say, 'Sometimes out of the darkness up pops gold.?
Through a divinely orchestrated meeting, she encounters a person who has a profound effect on her life and journeys with her for over thirty years (and counting). This friend will be God's messenger to bring the author 'face to face with the Master?.
Through devastating circumstances, she is humiliated and abandoned in her workplace by a multinational company after they head up what she calls a 'witch-hunt? to bring her down. She is left to try to pick up the pieces of herself and put them back together again, with the help of the best life coach there is: God.
In addition to suffering extreme workplace abuse and surviving another battle in the form of an illness called Graves? disease, she also struggles with personal demons she had long tried to submerge. Finally, she is guided to the Holy Spirit to something she has only dreamed about, but never once actually believed would one day be a reality.