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The Brotherhood

Steve Jovanoski

The Brotherhood
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Aazim is a young IT specialist working for a financial company in the heart of Melbourne. A new job and a new life seem to have finally put him back on track after a tragedy devastated his family six months before, but soon after starting his new job he finds himself taking risks to investigate the strange events he has witnessed. The information he uncovers is shocking. Knowing it could have global repercussions for the financial market, Aazim is faced with a dilemma: Does he ignore what he's seen and keep his head down? Or does he try to stop the catastrophic events unfolding, even if it means stealing the data from the very organisation that hired him to protect it? Aazim is scared. He knows that if he goes ahead there'll be no turning back, and he'll be risking his own life, and his father's. He steals the data and runs.
Thrown into the mix is William McKane, an ex-ASIO agent turned private investigator who lives from moment to moment in a chaos of mounting debt and alcohol-fuelled days. He is hired to track down Aazim and recover the stolen data, but Bill knows an opportunity when he sees one and he's a man who trusts his instincts.
Fast moving, compelling and charged with tension and unexpected twists, The Brotherhood peers deep into the world of Islamic fundamentalism, cyber fraud and Australia's response to the threat of terrorism. Engaging with issues of contemporary relevance, it is very much a novel of our times.