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The Castleton Leads

by Allan Skerman

The Castleton Leads
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Traumatised cop Sam Brinkley uncovers a murder when he searches for gold. Donovan was the big boss and had told Sam Brinkley that he was no good to Homicide the way he was. Sam had been given six months to get over his troubles ? or he would be pensioned off.
That was why Sam had moved in at Ferguson's Folly, near Castleton, in the heart of the Victorian Gold Triangle. He was putting in his time wandering around with a metal detector looking for any bits of the yellow mineral that had eluded search until the nineteen-eighties. There were a lot of deep leads around Castleton. Brinkley was to be confused by the many leads of a different kind that he found when he sought to solve a murder.





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