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The Connection

by Peter D Thompson

The Connection
Galley Release

Diana Deneally, a single woman in her early forties, is the top executive of an Australian multinational corporation. She and her business colleagues are vocal in their efforts to bring to the awareness of the Australian public the dirty deals that are being done, under the guise of democracy, by proponents of globalisation and the New World Order. They are up against those who use sabotage, theft and murder to maintain the status quo.
Three elements enter her life, which propel her learning into areas previously unexplored. One is an erotic marble statue with mystical properties and another is an anonymous mainly female organisation, which calls itself the Wu Li Masters, whose members utilise the gradually emerging knowledge of Quantum Physics to effect changes to the mindset of mankind. The third element is a man called Walker.
Walker is a long-time meditator, a follower of Buddhist principles and an adherent of Tantra Yoga, a practice which uses sexual energy and hallucinogenic substances in the quest for spiritual enlightenment. Through Walker, Diana is introduced to unfamiliar concepts ... some of them confronting but all of them significant to her expanding consciousness.




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