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The Cretin

by Longfellow

The Cretin
Galley Release

The effects on a close-knit family in a well-to-do neighbourhood inflicted with a new neighbour's attempts to forcibly change a fence should not be, in conflict terms, ignored or underestimated. This one was a fence dispute to end all fence disputes, gradually stretching from verbal assault to physical assault, attempted murder, arson, vexatious litigants, drugs and a shot gun. Based on a true story, Jake Mitchell reminisces on his shocking experiences with the relentless and treacherous neighbour. For the sake of his family, Jake rode the path of retaliation; a path that would include a few bikies, police, a court case, crooked barristers, vigilante groups inclusive of some judicial agents and, at last, beautiful revenge — albeit of the permanent type. This story puts a whole new slant on the ramifications of a neighbourly, 'G'day, how's it going?' progressing to 'I'm coming to get you, arsehole.' There was only one word to describe this neighbour: “Cretin”




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