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The Devil and Maximillian Grey

Dave Hildebrand

The Devil and Maximillian Grey
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After a sudden family tragedy, James Wise is forced by his miserly uncle to forsake his studies in medicine. He is directed to take up an innkeeper’s position at the isolated and apparently quiet village of Harmers on the wild South Gippsland coast.
He is not there long before strange and violent events begin to unfold around him. Gradually he realises that the mystery surrounding the hunter, Maximillian Grey, and the unseen and diabolical Harmers’ Beast, is part of a dark conspiracy involving the local priest and the long forgotten Boer War.
As his adventure approaches its dramatic end he must make a choice between loyalty for his new friends and what he knows is the right thing to do, and his own self preservation; for if he follows Maximillian into the Scrubby Wood he will surely never return…The Devil and Maximillian Grey is an old fashioned adventure story about dark, evil forces, heroism, treachery and tragedy.