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The Dictates of Destiny

Royce Hall

The Dictates of Destiny
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The Dictates of Destiny is an intriguing story concerning a most unusual and complex man. As a child, he suffers several traumatic experiences that are to have a lasting effect on his life. In spite of this, he retains his mischievous spirit which inevitably brings him into conflict with the authorities. At other times, his recklessness and scant regard for his own safety nearly prove to be his undoing.
Throughout his life, he manages to survive a number of life threatening situations while others around him strangely suffer tragic deaths. Joining the navy during World War II at the age of seventeen, he subsequently loses his enthusiasm for 'the great wartime adventure' due to injuries, hospitalisation and instances of victimisation.
From the bizarre happenings in his life and close brushes with death, coupled with the advent of a revelation, he comes to believe he is being watched over by a guardian angel for the express purpose of imparting a message of great significance on behalf of the Creator.
This is compelling reading about a man's life story told with pathos, candour and, at other times, with a touch of bitterness or philosophical wit.