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The Eden Effect

David Finchley

The Eden Effect
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If you want to find out, come to the small Victorian town of Eden. Here you will meet Martin Brophy, who carries with him the scars of a horrific emotional trauma suffered in childhood.
As a consequence of his experience, Martin has shielded himself from the media and has come to the conclusion that overexposure to the news, mostly bad news, may be doing people generally,more harm than good.
Martin comes in to an unexpected inheritance which provides him with the financial means to test out his theory.
Martin is joined by Arthur Fromm, a disgraced former accountant, down on his luck and sent to Eden as part of the Work for the Dole Scheme.
The two men form a close bond and with Martin's money and Arthur's expertise, they set up a social experiment in Eden to test Martin's hypothesis.
The result of this experiment becomes known as 'The Eden Effect'. Its ramifications reverberate around the world and put Martin against the might of global media, with devastating results.
One man can change the world.