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The Edible Machine Gun

by Dave Crawford

The Edible Machine Gun
Australian Fiction

Daniel Desousa stands astride a major fault line that divides his extended family. On his mother's side are folk who live in an isolated rural backwater, an impoverished but proudly independent community. On John his father's side are the supremely rich dominated by his Uncle Putron and matriarch Drakonia. People so powerful they are effectively a law unto themselves. When a feud breaks out between John and Putron, Daniel flees for his life to find sanctuary with his mother's relatives. Roman Brasco works for Putron. He and Daniel would seem natural enemies but though they cross paths several time they don't actually meet until the very end.
This is a story of national and international intrigues, of kidnappings, murders, corruption, love and loyalty all viewed through a satirical lens. Here are elements of madness both amongst the homeless but also amid those who are deemed so rich and powerful that they mustn't be allowed to fail. As for the Edible Machine Guns they are both sugary snacks and potential deadly weapons. Every fifth bullet on the lickerish belt feed a soft centred dumb-dumb. But will this story end with the sound of a nuclear explosion or the clink of coffee cups?




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