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The Eighth Guardian

by Hélène A. Maher

The Eighth Guardian
Galley Release

It is the most magnificent bird Tilly has ever seen in her life. The Kindlehawk glides effortlessly, her brilliant, red-tipped, golden plumage glistening in the sunlight.
Tilly feels she has no hope of amounting to anything special. She hates school, her older sister Kate teases her whenever she can and her parents are practically unaware of her.
But there is something very special about Tilly.
She begins to discover her true destiny when she unexpectedly receives a small, brown paper parcel. We follow her as she embarks on a magical journey to the secret group of islands which have been protected by her maternal ancestors for many generations.
During her quest, she meets many characters - some quirky, some evil and some altogether different and through these meetings, she learns how to deal with people and their differences. She depends on them for help and information, and along with her growing courage and newly acquired Guardian gifts, she must stay on target through many twists and turns to complete her quest and save Isadell Island from drought and despair.




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