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The Eternal Search for God

Matthew T. Hogan

The Eternal Search for God
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The Eternal Search for God takes the reader on a guided tour of the belief systems practiced by the majority of mankind. Focussing on enlightenment rather than dogma, the book begins with the earliest known belief system, passing through examples of ancient mythology to religions created in the 20th Century.
Selectively interwoven into the text are relevant facts about our world and our place in the great scheme of things. Also included are profiles of thinkers whose influence altered established doctrines of belief and thus the course of history. The book also includes parables for the reader’s enjoyment and, hopefully, a meaningful moral.
Although focusing on belief systems, the book avoids theological jargon in favour of straightforward prose. Furthermore there are ‘Pause for Thought’ discussions of significant events and personalities not included in the main chapters. Each chapter is self-contained, so the book may be read in lengthy stretches or in short bites. Enjoy The Eternal Search for God.