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The Extraordinary Taboo

Allan Cook

The Extraordinary Taboo
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Social Commentry

Whose decision is it?
This could be the most important social value we should all be taught, after faith, regardless of which faith. How much pain in society might be avoided, beginning in families, if all decisions were typically being made by the particular person appropriate for the particular circumstance? And if others affected by that decision were happily going along with it because they understood that it was the appropriate person making that decision; therefore, everyone else, please back off without complaining and perhaps change their mind where necessary? Yay! Family peace!
Is there some common cause behind every delinquency? All seem to speak of lack of love and respect. And what happened to self-discipline? But there is more to the story than these obvious aspects. Is there a common missing fundamental in most conflicts?
So what is this word that's so taboo in marriage?
Not authoritarianism, but its 180-degree opposite, the proper use of authority, with due respect given to its user by others when they are affected and when it's appropriate.
I repeat, not authoritarianism. The Puritans seemed to badly confuse the two. Maybe our society has too, with a different result: we dumped both, or tried to, thus attempting the impossible, with tragic results, I believe.