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The Golden Man

by Dave Crawford

The Golden Man
Current Release

Mavis uncovers a massive gold nugget while her husband Clarry sleeps off a hangover. Here is the potential for a better life, a brighter future.
Mavis discovers that their goldfields extraction business has been bought with stolen money and they are at the mercy of just-released career criminal Jack Sammalano. Dr Devale Denton, an academic with his own troubles, enters the story and is also caught up in Sammalano's scheming. Soon they are enmeshed in a tangle of kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, corruption and murder. The nugget sparks a shooting war between Sammalano, his associates and Taker Makan, a psychopathic drug dealer. Mayhem reigns supreme.
A roller-coaster of a story with unexpected alliances, twists and turns.




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