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The Great Sea Scam

Earle Hogg

The Great Sea Scam
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A close-knit group of five tough and experienced construction workers, who have contracted at some of the biggest projects in the Southern Hemisphere, are at a secret meeting called by Greg, their leader of sorts. Peter, Rangi, Dave and Bill are all listening intently as Greg lays out his ingenious scheme. Astounded at the audacity of the “Project”, all are keen to get it underway. Each can envisage the part he has to play and each knows that he has the capacity to get it done on time. As Greg has pointed out, total secrecy must be kept, even from their wives and at all times from any other tradesmen or friends. Of the five men, Peter will have the biggest challenge in keeping it from the ever-alert friends he has in the Stock Exchange while still dealing with them. It's a giant con,' Greg concludes, 'and if we pull it off you will all be rather wealthy — it's all or nothing.



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A rollicking yarn
Addison Russell, author of The Invisible Journey
This is a lively well written is story set in New Zealand
Dave Crawford, author of: Corner Spiral and The Golden Man
Intrigue and Deception
Harry Baker, ex Editor New Zealand News