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The Hodgkiss Mysteries

Peter Sinclair

The Hodgkiss Mysteries
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Hodgkiss is a cranky old sod. The continual sniping and point-scoring between him and his son-in-law, Detective Sergeant Donald Burke, drives his daughter Esme to distraction. Hodgkiss compensates for his obnoxious treatment of Donald by helping him to solve a series baffling crimes, thus giving a welcome boost to his son-in-law?s career. But it is towards the incompetent and corrupt Kanundda Council that Hodgkiss directs the most venomous products of his bile.
Hodgkiss?s letter-writing campaigns in the columns of the local newspaper, The Northern Star, create big problems for the dodgy councillors and their corrupt developer mates when details of their venal little schemes start appearing in print. And when disgruntled council employees begin leaking embarrassing information to Hodgkiss, the trouble starts ? big-time.
Murderous mayors, cowardly councillors and manipulative staff weave their way through plots involving sudden death, blackmail, corruption and, of course, sex.
A murdered body in a locked room ? but how did the killer escape? How was the invisible body identified? How did the blackmail photos vanish impossibly from a locked and guarded safe? Hodgkiss arrives at the truth through impeccable logic.