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The Hodgkiss Mysteries Vol II

Peter Sinclair

The Hodgkiss Mysteries Vol II
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The cranky old sod is still sniping at the conniving, manipulative members of Kanundda Council through his letters to the local paper, The Northern Star.
This time he conspires with council's General Manager, the highly desirable but extremely devious Jan Campbell-Jones, to save the citizens of Kanundda from a disastrous outcome in the mayoral elections. But not before one of the female councillors is found murdered in a love nest at a local motel.
Then Hodgkiss and the glamorous widow, Pat Strong, who earlier had helped Hodgkiss solve the mysterious death of a local councillor, join the band of compulsive nomads which early each Saturday morning hit the local garage sales trail for profit and for pleasure. But soon unexpected and unwelcome complications occur and mystery and murder dog their steps.
When the Mayor of Kanundda decides to hold a Grand Masked Ball in place of the usual boring mayoral dinner, the local Masonic hall becomes the venue for jollity, music, jealousy, and an impossible murder.
Hodgkiss helps his son-in-law, Detective Sergeant Donald Burke, solve the crimes thus giving a welcome boost to his career in the force.
In this second volume of The Hodgkiss Mysteries the sharp 68-year-old retired school teacher provides ingenious, workable, logical solutions to three examples of that branch of the genre beloved of mystery aficionados - The Locked Room Murder.