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The Hodgkiss Mysteries Volume Seven

Peter Sinclair

The Hodgkiss Mysteries Volume Seven
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Hodgkiss is back ... again.
When he is called up for jury duty the experience is not at all what Hodgkiss had expected. One of his fellow jurors, a former tennis professional, insists upon discussing the case with Hodgkiss during breaks in the trial in spite of the judge’s directions to the contrary. Gradually it dawns on Hodgkiss that the circumstances of the case are not as they appear and he is forced to take rather unconventional action resulting in the trial being dramatically aborted.
Hodgkiss is no believer in the scientific evidence in favour of global warming. But when he arranges to meet a prominent scientist to discuss the matter he arrives to find the man dead in his own study in very mysterious circumstances. And to add to the complications, both the dead man’s wife and his employer have strong motives to want him out of the way.
The editor of Northern Star has received two anonymous letters threatening Hodgkiss if he continues to write letters to the editor suggesting that the Kanundda Council’s programme to buy houses in the suburbs and convert them into kiddies’ playgrounds is a rort enabling developers and councillors to feather their nests. So Hodgkiss joins forces with the General Manager of the Council, the desirable Jan Campbell-Jones, to investigate the matter with very dramatic results, including the discovery of two dead bodies in adjacent locked rooms.