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The Honeyguide

David Lawrence Hancock

The Honeyguide
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During the last years of colonial rule in pre-independent Zimbabwe, a bitter struggle for power raged within the country. Following the collapse of the Portuguese Colonies of Angola and Mozambique, the appearance of Russian MiGs in Angola posed a significant threat to the tiny and outdated Rhodesian Airforce. Rumours of a secret Airforce base built to counter this threat circulated throughout the country.
The death of a courier in the Zambezi Valley and the loss of some of his possessions brings together four people—two men posing as journalists monitoring a search for those responsible; Queenslander Cliff Matthews, a police inspector assigned as their escort; and Monika de Wynter, a beautiful woman playing a very dangerous game.
At first wary of Monika, Cliff little realises he will become enmeshed in a web of murder, sex and intrigue that will lead him from the Valley to the Victoria Falls—and test him to the limit.