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The Intelligent Spy

Jeanine D Lloyd

The Intelligent Spy
New Release

Superintendent Lachlan Lanzini sets out to investigate the brutal mutilation murder of a Senior Intelligence Officer, Brigadier Caspar Laslo Woolfe, known as “Cash.” Tough, ambitious and loyal, the Brigadier turns out to be more of an enigma than Lanzini bargained for. The deceased had recently returned from a top secret mission to Camp Cropper , the special detention centre in Baghdad , Iraq .
There are many dimensions to this complex secret agent- quite apart from his distinguished career, beginning in Vietnam , then Timor , Jakarta , Bali , Canberra and finally Iraq . A Board of Inquiry was investigating Cash for his part in the death of a fellow officer. Could Cash have been murdered because he was the whistleblower? Was he a traitor or a hero?
The superintendent is subjected to extraordinary pressure to curtail his probing of the Brigadier’s mysterious professional duties. Cash’s joyous extra-marital flings both at home and on postings, cast the victim in a very different light to the official account that Cash’s stoic wife, Pixie, would have the police believe.
Lanzini is not convinced that the Brigadier- a decidedly unfriendly spook- is, in fact, deceased. What happened in Iraq ? What was really behind the Board of Inquiry? What was Cash accused of leaking? What was Cash’s role in the death of a fellow officer? The circumstances are dire. Cash must confront his cherished beliefs and act accordingly. What is his duty?
What is the weakest link- the only real taboo? Self-preservation is a must when the law of the jungle reigns unchecked in the hellish confines of a maximum security facility. At Camp Cropper , the raw material from interrogations is extracted by career professionals. And the detainees can never be released because, by then, they are even more dangerous.