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The Invitation

Gillian Ingall

The Invitation
Galley Release
Australian Fiction

Richard Cadwallader is an international tycoon; his wife Charlotte, a beautiful society hostess. Envied for their wealth and success their lives appear perfect. That is, until they get caught up in the turmoil of the pro-democracy movement in China and it tragic consequences.
Powerful forces are at work to bring about Richard’s downfall and Richard’s greed for money and power assist the process. And what part does Richard’s exotic Chinese mistress play in the plot?
Set in a turbulent period of China’s history the novel depicts the repressiveness of life in China, the decadence of life in Hong Kong and the harshness and raw beauty of the Australian outback.
Will Richard’s rapacious and adulterous lifestyle continue after his downfall or will truth and honesty prevail?